You, our 82nd Airborne Division C-47 Club, honored me by making me your club president and as I outlined in my message that was presented at our reunion in Grantville, Pennsylvania, back on May 11, 2010, I look forward with your involvement to carrying forward our Club’s unprecedented and gallant history and program of activities.

We have made steps in that direction -albeit deliberatively and in-step- towards forming a new foundation for our club.  This will center on a new membership program that will enable us to work as an airborne organization in contact with the airborne community at large and also as a club which has a historical mission. Our membership ranks now consists of three types:  charter, airborne and associate.  This change in membership status in our by-laws should further engage C-47 Club and 82nd Association airborne members and bring together our airborne with associate members both in the USA and Europe based on a shared interest in the 82nd WW2 campaigns and battles.  Membership changes that I will propose include new fees including an annual fee to enable us to do more as a club.

I fully realize that our club’s success is based on a spirit of teamwork and involvement, notably your involvement!  We have a new team of directors and an advisory board of past presidents that will help move our club forward and in the right direction.  I count on them for this and ask you, our membership, to support us in this endeavour.

Our Club looks forward to its continued future and your involvement in it.

To every member, I send my personal salute and best wishes as I remain,


Edward B. Lapotsky

President, 82nd Airborne Division C-47 Club

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