C-47 Club Inc. 2016 reunion, Normandy, France


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C-47 Club Inc. USA 2012 reunion, Dover Delaware

The C-47 Club hosted its USA 2012 reunion in Dover Delaware. Special thanks to Ms. Isabel Rubioif for making the photos.

You can find the photos here.


68th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, Normandy, France, June 2012.

Many WW2 Veterans decided to return to the beaches of Normandy, in order to be present at various ceremonies and great events.

The C-47 Club Inc, with its Normandy Chapter, was present at almost all the ceremonies and organized several events, with the surprise ceremony for Ellan and Dorothy Lewinsky at Bolleville.

Here are the different links to some of the events. More may added, as we receive new photos from our members.

Photos from C-47 Club Inc. member Dominique Potier can be found here.

The first ceremony at Picauville, honoring the Airborne and Air support during WW2, June 1st, 2012.

First of the many ceremonies, Angoville-au-Plain, June 2nd, 2012.

Ceremony at Amfreville, Normandy, June 4th, 2012.

Surprise ceremony at Bolleville for the two lovely WW2 Nurses Dorothy and Ellan, June 4th, 2012.

Despite bad weather, a great ceremony at UTAH beach, June 5th, 2012.

The unveiling of the “Leadership” Monument at Ste Marie du Mont, in the presence of many Veterans.


Ceremony at Rochelinval, February 2012

Members of the Belgian C-47 Club Chapter welcomed several WW2 Veterans in the Ardennes.

On Thursday, February 23, 2012, members of the Belgian C-47 Club Chapter welcomed Jennifer Minshall (her great uncle Lt. Donald Booth 551st PIB was KIA on Jan 7th, 1945 at Rochelinval), Frank Gahagen and his sister Suzan Cocker. (Nephew and niece of Cpl. John F. Mc Atee KIA on Jan 7th, 1945 at Rochelinval).
A dinner was organized on Friday evening, organized by Pascal and Nathalie Hainaut. Present were Dick Field (551st PIB) and his daughter Ginni, Ray Fary (80th Abn AA Bn) and his friend Rick Holle (father was in the 80th Abn AA Bn, 82nd Abn Div), Gene Garren (Vietnam War veteran) and his son Michael, Jennifer Minshall, Frank Gahagen and his sister Suzan Cocker, and Helen Peeters (“Family and Friends of the 505th & 508th“).  Around 65 people had a wonderful evening.

Saturday, 25th February Frédéric Winkin, Claude Orban and Eddy Lamberty were present at the start of the 30th  Annual Commemoration march to meet with the veterans, friends and family members. After the walk, Dick Field and Ray Fary were welcomed at Vielsalm City Hall where the mayor of Vielsalm with the help of the former mayor, Jacques Gennen, had organized a reception in honor of the two Liberators.

Dick Field and Ray Fary received the award of Honorary Citizen of the Community of Vielsalm in gratitude of their accomplishment and a basket of artisanal products of the local region.

On Sunday morning, the Belgian chapter showed their US guests the terrain in Noirefontaine, Herispehe, Dairomont and Rochelinval, where the 551st PIB had fought in 1944-1945.

Dick Field shared his memories in Noirefontaine and Rochelinval.

Jennifer Minshall was very emotional when visiting the former battlefield around Rochelinval and the Belgian Chapter was  able to give her more details about Lt. Don Booth.

In the afternoon a small ceremony, organized by Pascal Hainaut and Dominique Potier, at the monument to the 551st PIB in Rochelinval took place with representatives of the towns of Trois-Ponts, Vielsalm, “CADUSA” Association and members of the Belgian Chapter of the C-47 Club.

The mayor of Trois-Ponts made a speech, followed by some words of Helen Peeters. Dick Field and his daughter Ginni read the prayer of the 551st PIB Commanding Officer LtCol Joerg, also killed on January 7th, 1945. After the laying of flowers, theUS and Belgian national anthem were played.

The ceremony ended when the representative of Vielsalm awarded a certificate of “Honorary Citizen” to Lt. Booth, received by his great niece, Jennifer Minshall and to Cpl McAttee, received by his nephew and niece, Frank Gahagen and Suzan Cocker.

For more photos of the event, just click on the picture below (With thanks to Frédéric Winkin for the great photos!)

Rochelinval Ceremony, 2010

On Saturday, July 10th 2010, the inauguration ceremony took place at Rochelinval, Ardennes, Belgium, remembering us of the valiant actions that Sgt Robert H. Hill took, to safe his comrades. He was later awarded the DSC. Veterans of the 551st PIB and C-47 Club members were present.


D-Day commemorations, Normandy (FR), June 2010

“NUTS” Weekend, Bastogne (B), December 2009.

Inauguration of the memorial at Barrière Hinck for the 326th Airb Med Company.

65th Anniversary of D-Day, 2009

The C-47 Club was hosted by Francine Noyon in Normandy.

On the 4th of January 2009 a ceremony was held at Rochelinval, in honor of WW2 Veteran William ‘Bill’ H. Tucker.

Ceremony Rochelinval, 2009.

“NUTS” weekend in Bastogne (B), December 2008.

Special ceremony for the 17th Airborne at Flamierge.

D-Day commemorations, Normandy (FR), 2008.

On September 28th 2008, a new monument was inaugurated for the veterans of the 106th Infantry Division at Ennal.

Ceremony at the new monument for the 106th Infantry Division.

Ceremony at Stoumont, Ardennes, May 2008

“NUTS” commemorations, Bastogne (B), December 2007.

Inauguration memorial plaque at Parker’s Crossroads, Vielsalm, September 2007

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