In 1959 the C-47 Club was formed as a vehicle to bring WW2 82nd troopers together for sport parachuting and other activities.

The C-47 Club at this time was called the “Old Tymers” Club.  The club held annual meets at the Orange Parachuting Center located at Orange, Massachusetts.

Later in the mid-1960s (1964), as result of the historical 20th anniversary of Normandy, the club was enlarged for the purpose of providing an organizational vehicle for 82nd WW2 troopers to increase activities, particularly in connection with the subject events as the numerous WW2 anniversary reunions inEurope.  At this time the term C-47 was utilized as the club’s symbol.

Since 1964 the Club carried the historical legacy of the 82nd Airborne campaigns and battles and that of its WW2 troopers.  The club was the vehicle that initiated C-47 Club chapters and programs in the United Kingdom,France,Holland and Belgium.  The club is immensely proud to have initiated and sponsored the famous stained glass window dedicated to the airborne and D-Day found in the Sainte Mere Eglise church in Normandy;  the Liberation Museum in Groesbeek, Holland and the Ridgeway-Gavin section of the La Gleize 1944 Museum in the Ardennes, Belgium.

The Club promotes gatherings and reunions each year.  Events and social contacts are made with the Club’s chapters and associations annually.  Plans to bring the Club together will continue to be a focus.

Preserving history also means preserving the documentation of the C-47 Club.

You will find here the entire collection of C-47 Club flyers from the beginning until 2009.  Just click on the title to view the flyer (All in PDF Format!)

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1972 December

1973 December

1974 Spring

1975 January

1977 Fall

1978 Fall

1979 Fall

1980 Spring

1980 Summer

1980 Fall

1981 Fall

1981 Winter

1988 Fall

1989 Summer

1990 Winter-Spring

1990 Summer

1990 Fall

1994 Summer

1994 Winter

1995 Spring

1995 Summer

1995 Fall-Winter

1996 Spring

1996 Summer

1997 Spring

1998 Spring

1998 Fall-Winter

1999 Spring

1999 Summer

1999 Fall-Winter

2000 Spring

2000 Summer

2000 Winter

2001 Spring

2001 Fall-Winter

2002 Spring

2002 Summer

2002 Fall-Winter

2003 Spring

2003 Summer

2003 Fall-Winter

2004 Spring

2004 Summer

2005 Fall-Winter

2005 Winter-Spring

2006 Fall-Winter

2006 Winter-Spring

2007 Spring

2007 Summer-Fall

2009 Fall-Winter

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